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Dandan Zhao, Summer student and M.Sc. student in September 2017

I received my B.Sc. degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at Dalhousie University. In my Honours program, I was involved in a research project developing CRISPR/Cas9 dual ‘knock-in’ strategy for tagging and selecting cells with BirA-PML using a drug resistance gene. I joined the Roger Lab in May 2017 as a summer student and will become a Master student in September. I will use metagenomic approaches to study the roles of anaerobic protists in human intestinal microbiomes.

You can reach Dandan at:
Work Phone: (+1) 902-494-2881
Fax: (+1) 902-494-1355
E-mail: D.Zhao{at}dal{dot}ca