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Sarah Shah, M.Sc.

I graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia with a Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology Engineering. I then worked at Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre from 2015 to 2016. I joined the Roger Lab in August 2016 and my research is on Blastocystis genomes. I am interested in the evolutionary relationship between Blastocystis subtypes that infect different groups of animals.


Jacob. A.S., Andersen, L. O., Bitar, P.P., Richards, V. P., Shah, S., Stanhope, M. J., Stensvold, C. R., & Clark, C. G. (2016). Blastocystis Mitochondrial Genomes Appear to Show Multiple Independent Gains and Losses of Start and Stop Codons. Genome Biol Evol, 8, 11, 3340-3350. Doi:

You can reach Sarah at:
Work Phone: (+1) 902-494-2881
Fax: (+1) 902-494-1355
E-mail: Sarah.Shah{at}dal{dot}ca