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Tommy Harding, Post Doctoral Fellow

I was born in Quebec City, where I completed a Bachelor's degree in microbiology at Université Laval. During these three years I was involved in two research projects: one that studied the optical properties of thermokarst lakes, water bodies formed in thawing permafrost, in northern Quebec, and another that focused on the microbial diversity of Milne Fjord, located in the Canadian High Arctic. I began a Masters degree in 2008 under the supervision of Drs. Warwick F. Vincent and Connie Lovejoy at Université Laval. My Master thesis, entitled Aerial Dispersal and Spatial Distribution of Microbes in the Cryosphere, describes the microbial diversity detected by molecular and culture techniques in the snow and air of the northern coast of Ellesmere Island, Canada. I joined the Roger Lab in 2010 to begin my PhD study on the molecular adaptations of extreme halophiles. Co-supervised by Alastair Simpson, I work on Pharyngomonas kirbyi, a deep-branching Heterolobosea, and Halocafeteria seosinensis, a stramenopile. Analysis of their transcriptome will give us insights on how these obligate halophiles have adapted to extreme environments with respect to gene content and expression. Furthermore, we will determine whether lateral gene transfer has played a role in this story.


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Email: tommy{dot}harding{at}dal{.ca}ca